Create/Suggest Itineraries:
Multi-city, single-city, theme-based itineraries, either defined or customized. Whatever the itinerary, blending the best value with your interests.
Arrange Hotels:
The hotel business in Poland is still not very consistent. Picturesque Poland has discovered brand new hotels, some of them located in restored palaces and castles. They have been checked for appropriate services and quality of rooms, down to even the sheets and towels.
Knowledgeable Guides: Tours of Polish cities and points of interest conducted with knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides, speaking perfect English and both passionate and proud about the history of their region, for tours of cities and nearby points of interest.
Domestic Transportation: Transportation in Poland can be challenging, costly, and difficult to arrange. Picturesque Poland arranges transportation in a combination that is best for you, with private minibus companies or private taxi drivers, and/or first class train with tickets delivered personally to you.

Picturesque Poland - Polish Travels - Poland Travel Operator for private individual and custom tours of UNESCO and Jewish cities.

Welcome to Picturesque Poland

My name is Ewa Halperin. I am Polish but have lived in the United States half my life.

The purpose of this site is to turn your interest in eastern Europe—and, specifically, travel to Poland-- into an enjoyable and adventurous, but hassle-free trip.

We can create a trip for you that both optimizes value and reduces cost. Unlike other tour companies, Picturesque Poland has minimal overhead. Therefore, a trip packed with first class value can be arranged at a cost far less than what is offered elsewhere.

Picturesque Polands' goal:

For eastern Europe travel, Picturesque Poland wants to arrange your trip within Poland--personalized and seamless, and optimizing convenience, quality, value, and cost.

“Personalized and seamless” means that all elements of your trip, including all hotels, private guides and transportation throughout Poland fit together in perfect consistency, worry-free manner, personalized for you and/or your group.

Your journey can be one of Picturesque Poland's suggested itineraries, or custom arranged according to your interests and desires, including even unusual or special side trips such as looking for family roots, cooking classes, spa treatments, river rides, and many others.

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