Picturesque Poland selection of Tykocin Hotels--Manor House Dworek na Lakami

Dworek na Lakami

Dworek na Lakach includes Jantarowy Kasztel, Dworek nad Lakami, Karczma Rzym and Dworskie Czworaki. The property is located next to Narwinski and Biebrzanski National Parks.

Hotel Dworek offers available round the clock 91 accommodation vacancies, some unforgettable attraction in unspoiled environment as well as a piece of old Polish history and customs.

Everybody is welcome to take a part in a trip to the past times, accompanied with flame torches, swords clinking and traditional music sound. Legends, our ancestors' tradition and Polish hospitality.

Kiermusy is the last resort of a noble tradition in Podlasie.

Czworaki Dworskie are wood-made spacious houses named Rybak, Bartnik, Kowal and Bednarz, situated near Dworek. Furnished in every detail can accommodate eight people.