Hello, Ewa!

We really enjoyed our trip to Poland.  It has only been a few months since we went on our trip, and it now seems ages ago.

We were so thankful that we decided to use your services for the beginning of our trip.  We liked that we could choose from the various packages or the personalized approach.

We were aware that you were checking in with all of the people you hired for us, and we really found your personal touch to be very reassuring.  Poland's transit system is quite unpredictable we discovered, and it was great to see that our connecting services were accomodating and the transitions were smooth.

It was wonderful to arrive and be on autopilot. The gentleman who tooks us through Warszawa is a phenonemal guide, and knew the answers to all of our questions.  It was wonderful to get around the city in a car and see many site one could not see on foot.  He asked if we had any special interests and accomodated them accordingly.  We ended our tour at the restaurant that you recommended, Pod Czerwonym Wieprzem.  It was indeed an interesting experience.

We also enjoyed our driver around the Gdansk area.  Kelly loved to take photos and he made special stops along the way that he knew to be quite picturesque. The Tricities tour guide was new to the profession and so we were less impressed.  The Tricities tour didn't make it to Gdynia unfortunately, but we did find Sopot to be quite interesting.  The hotel in Gdansk was excellent.  The view was amazing and the restaurant was reasonably priced.

On a related note, one of my coworkers recently received a gift from a Gdansk resident.  It was a beautiful book about the city of Gdansk.  As I was looking through it, I recognized our hotel in the book.  It was fun to be able to point it out to her.

The overnight trains to and from Berlin were quite unpredictable.  They arrived on time, but we arrived late by a few hours on both trips.  We were very thankful for our first class Berlin/Krakow trip.  The train was very crowded and our room for three was very nice.  We shared our car with a very nice young Polish woman.

Lastly, Krakow was fantastic.  Pani Nowak is a phenomenal guide.  She is so in love with her city and her enthusiasm is quite infectious. She knows how to make a place feel magical.  Our driver to Wieliczka was hilarious and we enjoyed our trip with him very much.  He took us to my cousin's house on the return trip which was very nice of him, and drove our friends back into the city.

All in all, we enjoyed our trip and your services very much.  The night of the Wianki Festival, Kelly proposed to me in our Sheraton hotel room with a view of the festival from our window. Our friends from France witnessed the special moment when our favorite song ended the whole concert and the fireworks started. It was a surreal experience. This is why Krakow will always be magical to us.

Our wedding is actually 6 October in Las Vegas, less than one week away.

Thank you so much for your help.

All the best,